Lost and Found Pet Testimonials



After posting flyers around the neighborhood, talking to neighbors, and of course submitting online profiles including Facebook, we got a call from a neighbor saying that he saw Delilah at 4 a.m. wandering on 38th street. Since we knew she was close, we took the advice on Lost Pet USA that said lay familiar items such as blankets that have "our scent" (along with some rib bones) outside of the back door to lure her back home. Around 10 a.m., we opened the back door where we laid the items and sure enough, she was laying down on top of the blankets.


I feel that Lost Pet USA was helpful because we were able to make flyers and it showed to our neighbors that we were serious. Additionally, this site gave us the tip to put familiar items outside that had our scent on them such as a blanket or an old t-shirt. I would have never thought of this. This was important because a dog's nose is so much more strong than ours, and if they lost and are still close to home, the scents could help guide them back. Thank you so much LOST PET USA!

Indianapolis, IN




I found a handsome black lab at the corner of my road, lost and trying to get into cars. He had no tags on his collar. I took him home, alerted local animal authorities, posted "found dog" flyers and registered him FOUND on lostpetusa.net. Four worried days later, his owners called to claim Harley. You never saw so much tail wagging as when his happy family came to pick him up. Lost Pet USA gave us an online resource to announce to the world that we had found this beautiful dog and that he was looking for his owners. Thank you for helping us find Harley's family.


Col, NC




After being lost for 16 days, Blackie was finally found. Today we took him to his Foster home, and we are confident that they will play a huge part in re-introducing him to a normal dog life. LostPetUSA.net helped me in spreading the word about Blackie, in connecting with a larger audience on Facebook and allowed me to post and cross post on many sites. What you do is an amazing thing and your services are not one we wish to have to use, but when it does happen ...knowing such dedicated people are behind LostPetUSA.net makes me feel like I am not alone in my search. Thank you on behalf of Blackie for all your help and support.


Claudia, NY




We had just moved to this house and Cosmo is an indoor outdoor cat. So after 4 days of him pleading we finally let him out...and he didn't return. We didn't know if he got lost, ran away on purpose, was killed, etc. I found out about Lost Pet USA on the local animal shelter website. Lost Pet USA was very helpful in setting up the posting. I just felt a sense of ease as I knew more people could be aware of our missing Cosmo and the chances of him getting reunited with us would be greatly increased.


Pamela, MI




The girl that found our dog did not use the site, however, this was my favorite "lost pet site!" Since I was helping with the search long distance, the site helped me keep my family informed with animal shelter, vets, and other related help numbers, the map was a big help! It was actually one of the vets (I found the nearest vet office from lostpetusa.net site) that called my brother when the girl that found her brought her in! Absolutely love the site!! I kept returning to it because it was user friendly and the map feature is awesome! Thank you for helping us reunite such a dear pet/service dog with our brother!


Libby, GA




I did not know Lost Pet USA existed until I went searching for ways to get the word out and find Lulu. I am still being contacted by people I don't even know who just want to let me know how happy they are that Lulu is home safely. Point being, people do care and the more you can saturate the internet, I’m convinced the better the chance is for a positive outcome. I think Lost Pet USA is a brilliant idea.


Courtney, VA 




A friend of mine found a Basset Hound wandering in the rain on New Year's Eve day. No I.D., of course. She called and asked my advice. I had her call shelters, check for a microchip and I put him up on lostpetusa.net. We found his owners that evening through a shared link to Lost Pet USA on Facebook. AMAZING!!!!!! He was home in time to ring in the New Year. IT WORKS!

Shannon (and "Dudley" the Basset Hound)




I started to go door to door with flyer I made. I thought I would go to the rear of the Apartment building 1st and call for Kimba. I heard a meow and kept saying his name and looking towards the woods. When I was in the spot that his hollering seemed loudest, I stopped and looked all around. I looked up and there he was in the 2nd story window of a neighbor’s apartment. I knocked on the door and told her my cat was in her window meowing for me. She said, "He seems to know you." I thanked her several times and hurried home with my Kimba. You gave me an Internet connection. That connection gave me hope and an outlet that I would not have otherwise had. Thank you so much for being here for ALL PET LOVERS and a resource of HOPE :-)


Bennette, MO




We were walking around posting flyers around our neighborhood and a neighbor stopped us. I used this site to help create my flyers that we posted.


Avan, CA




Someone found Bently and brought him to a vet to check for a microchip. Bently did not have a microchip but the tech showed them a flyer that I posted at the vet. They called the number on flyer and Bently was returned home. The flyer I made was from the template on your page and also the post on your page allowed more people to be aware that Bently was missing.


Emily, LA




Neighbor found him on her balcony, and called me at a number she found online! LostPetUSA.net made Archer searchable online and my number available!


William, NY



Someone looked on the internet and contacted Parrot Rescue and returned the bird to me. Thank you for your help.


Sharon, AZ




It was raining Monday morning and Gracie bolted away from my husband. He went after her, but she is very athletic. He got into the car and drove around thinking he would find her quickly. Not true. We both searched a 3-5 mile radius of our home for the balance of the day and night. Exhausted, I got on your website. Neither of us have ever lost a pet and we did not know where to start. I posted the information, then read through your tips. I used the format for a flyer and added Gracie's photo, which we promptly posted at all entrances to our subdivision. I also posted on Craigslist and did an internet ad for our local paper. Late this afternoon, my husband received a phone message. A lady called to say that she thought she found our dog. A friend had seen the flyers posted and called her. By this evening we were reunited with our dog! Thank you for the invaluable service your website performs!


Cynthia, MS



Someone took her in their home and waited to see if someone was looking for her before taking her to the pound. :) They saw signs that I posted with my phone number and called me telling me how she found and took Nala in, and they returned her to me! Lost Pet USA gave me piece of mind that more people were able to contact me if they were to see my dog.


Kaleigh, OH




Thanks to microchip, animal control called us Monday morning to tell us she was located. She was so happy to be back home. Happy ending!! She’s an indoor dog (only goes out to do business), and she is a rescue. She was abused by previous owner so she was very timid and afraid. She got out through a door that was not completely shut. Please microchip your pet!! It is worth every penny!!


Michele, MD




Jetta was found locked in the condemned house across the road but she was definitely not there all week. One of our neighbors came home, heard scratching and called her name and she barked. So many people have been right around that house calling her name and she was not barking so we think someone had her, got scared and put her there either Friday night or Saturday morning. Lost Pet USA was helpful because it allowed me to get the word out. 


Keri, NY




My (sister's) dogs went missing and, of course, I felt horrible about it. She was devastated and felt bad that she had left them in the front yard. She went to the animal pound and they weren't there. However, I knew that the dogs could be found. I got on the Internet and found LostPetUSA.net. There was a ton of useful information to help owners find their pets. I used the flyer template provided by the website and inserted the dog’s photos. While remembering to follow the tips from the site, I posted the flyers in every public place I could think of. I asked neighbors to keep a look out, informed the police and searched around the area repeatedly. I even posted the flyer on Craigslist.


After a few days, I started to feel defeated because I wasn't having any luck. I had searched the area more than 10 times in less than two days. But I remembered advice from the site that said not to give up. So, the next morning I got ready to continue my search. I checked my email to see if anyone had sent news of the dogs. I was excited to see that someone sent me a message saying that she saw a dog that resembled my oldest dog on our city's animal control site. I was surprised to see both my sister's dogs on the site; however, the listing said the older dog was a male, which was wrong. I knew after reading advice from LostPetUSA.net that type of mistake was common. So, I told my sister the news and she immediately went to the animal control to pick them up.


Without this website and having the tips on how to search for missing pets, I think I would have given up. Instead I was proactive and stayed committed. And I was able to reunite my sister with her dogs!


Jerrica, GA

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