Have You Lost a Cat?

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We are cat owners, and we understand the worry and stress you feel when you have a lost your pet. Pets are part of the family and help encourage you. They are constant companions, and when suddenly they are missing, it’s easy to panic and become instantly overwhelmed. We are here to help.


Find Your Missing Cat

  • Search the Found Cat database by city, state or zip code. See if your cat has been reported found.
  • If your cat is not currently listed, register him or her in the Lost Cat listing in case they are found.
  • Call animal shelters, the Humane Society, animal control, police and veterinary clinics to see if a cat has been reported found in the area. Use our zip code search to locate organization telephone numbers in your area.
  • Check local shelters each day.
  • The worse the weather conditions, the more likely your cat is closer to your home.
  • If your cat consistently wanders outdoors, he’s probably not lost at all, but may be simply hiding.
  • Your cat may have been frightened by another animal, a loud car, or another startling object. It’s very likely that he is hiding in a corner. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for anyone talking about mysterious meowing.
  • Createmissing cat poster. Post copies in grocery stores, gas stations, drugstores and libraries where traffic is high.
  • Give a flyer to your postman and other area delivery people. They can spread the word.
  • Place classified ads in your local paper and on Craigslist.
  • Contact your neighbors, family and friends in the area, and ask them to pass on the information to anyone they know.
  • Never give up!


When You Find Your Cat

  • Once you have been reunited with your cat, consider microchipping – a simple procedure performed by your vet or local shelter.
  • Edit or delete the profile you created on LostPetUSA.net. You can access it by using the link emailed to you when you filed a posting for the cat you lost.
  • Make sure you take down the flyers you posted in local businesses.
  • Contact us with your success story or feedback on our services – encouraging those in a similar situation is important in helping them keep hope that they too will find their lost pet!




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